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Rufus Dinora are so grateful to report that our new winter holiday market is now open full-time at Alternative Thinking, an amazingly cool and funky store on Bathurst Street, just south of Bloor St. West, in downtown Toronto. We sell organic white sage, from our family farm just north of Toronto, in bulk. We have several kinds of Copal, including the best incense sticks, and a rare, but incredibly medicinal form used to treat trauma, called Copal de Memela, as well as cedar smudge sticks. We make a powerful and fragrant organic smudge blend from white sage, cedar, raw, white Copal, lavender, rosemary, and thyme, called Eagle and Hawk, as well as a spray bottle version, and a four thieves spray, made of organic essential oils, ideal for cleaning, hands and surfaces of bacteria, fungi and viruses. We also sell our favourite black tea in the world, called Smoky High Mountain Tea, blended from select Indian and Chinese teas, using a 100 year old family recipe. If you like tea, you will adore this blend! We also sell three sizes of frame drums that Rufus makes in his workshops. Finally, Dinora and I have been importing Oaxacan woven tote bags since 2015. They are super sturdy, ideal for the beach or for your daily shopping, made of colourful recycled plastic, and woven by ex-inmates of Oaxacan jails, who have become proud artisans, with new skills to support their families. And we are so proud to support them!