Copal Incense

Copal smoke has been used for millennia throughout Mesoamerica to cleanse and refreshen spaces and personal energy fields.

Copal is an aromatic tree resin that is burned as an incense by people in Mexico and Central America. The tree that produces the resin is considered a holy plant, and its wood is prized by carvers.

Today it is enjoyed by people all over the world for personal smudging, and for clearing negative energy out of a variety of environments. When copal is heated or burned, it produces negative ions, and a white smoke which has a natural antiseptic property, both of which help to clean the air. It is also very grounding, and helps to lower stress, to calm the nervous system, and to help with insomnia and headaches.  It also used to promote and deepen meditative states.

The beautiful smell of copal smoke brings you back to other moments in your life when you’ve experienced its benefits. It is used to create a welcoming, clean and inviting atmosphere in yoga studios, spas, health and wellness and meditation centres, in homes, centres of worship and at outdoor ceremonies around the world.

Copal also improves concentration and self-esteem, stimulates inspiration and creativity, and increases motivation, and helps people to find peace, to relax and to be in the moment.

Harvested by hand in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Available in packages of 8 sticks. Raw white copal will also be available soon, as well as Copal de Memela, which is know for its healing properties.